A Star On Our Streets


Lucy Klein, Staff Writer

Whispers and rumors have revealed that within the Lower Merion neighborhood, the comedian, producer, and actor, Adam Sandler, lies dormant in the Gladwyne Hills. After extensive research (well really a quick google search) the reason for his stay in our neck of the woods is the creation of a new flick. 

The in-production movie is called Hustle. The premise follows Sandler, who plays a middle-aged basketball coach who, while abroad, discovers a talented boy who becomes his new project. Sandler’s luck seems to grow, yet his new interest comes with a rocky past. With approval from his home team, Sandler brings the broken basketball star to the NBA for a final shot at both of their dreams. 

Sandler’s childhood passion for basketball, seen in his blockbusters, Grown Ups and Uncut Gems, has proven yet again to blend itself into his movies. Sandler, although a professional, continues to wear baggy shorts and t-shirts, as though he is getting ready for a basketball game. He is sure to wear it proudly, proving that fame does not always change a man. 

Similar to his other blockbuster hits, Adam Sandler has arranged a top tier team from on screen to off. His cast features Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall, and Ben Foster. In addition, NBA analyst, Kenny Smith, and Minnesota Timberwolves forward, Juancho Hernangómez, will feature in minor roles.

The icing on the cake ties is the inclusion of Lebron James, who is holding a permanent position as co-producer. His game-time experience, accompanying Sandler’s elegance and comedic perspective on filmmaking, will no doubt bring this movie to thousands of TV screens and families. 

Hustle is said to premiere on Netflix’s platform, but the release date is unknown. Since filming began during the pandemic, Sandler has been spotted in and around our beloved city of Philadelphia. Specifically, he has been spotted grabbing dinner in Wayne, visiting music shops in Gulph Mills, and shooting video footage on Broadway and Chambers street.

So, as you scroll through your TV channels and ponder what the next Netflix show you want to binge, keep a lookout for Hustle. And who knows, you might see some more familiar faces and recognizable landmarks.