The Release of Wonder Woman 1984


Dahae Kim, Staff Writer

Wonder Woman, released in 2017, was a huge box office success, earning $822.3 million worldwide. However the same cannot be said for the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, which after its third weekend, has currently made only $131.4 million worldwide. 

Amid the pandemic and the distressing events of January 6th, 2021, it’s expected that people are too distracted (or too scared) to see this movie.

Furthermore, 60% of all movie theaters are shut down at the moment and many even refuse to pay Warner Bros. their rental commissions after an unsuccessful holiday period. Due to its immense success in the past, Warner Bros. has never had to fight for their money until now, much to their chagrin. 

However, the movie itself has received generally positive reviews, although it still cannot be compared to the first. Fans praised Gal Gadot’s performance as the unconquerable title character as she fights against the film’s villains, Cheetah and Maxwell Lord, played by Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, respectively.

To the shock of many viewers, the character Steve Trevor, portrayed by Chris Pine, makes a surprising return.

Common Sense Media stated, “Campier and less revolutionary than the original, this…entertaining sequel still shows the many ways women can be strong, heroic, and smart.”

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to go watch Wonder Woman 1984, preferably in the safety of your own homes on HBO Max. It whisks viewers away from the troubles of our present-day world and into the riveting and action-packed adventures of Wonder Woman 1984.

Humorous and exciting, Wonder Woman 1984 will leave viewers on the edge of their seats and inspire them with themes of strength, courage, and resilience which we all need during these difficult times.