Harriton Stock Picking Contest


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Hello fellow Harriton students,

The Harriton Banner Business Section is honored to introduce the Harriton Stock Picking Contest for the spring of 2021. Each student will be able to choose 3 different individual stocks and submit them (by email) by May 15.

Students will have a month to see their stocks grow and the three stocks will be averaged. The winner should not look for cash gains but rather percentage gains in their three choices.

Pick wisely and do your research. Your small investment of time could help you to understand and build future investments. After a month, students will be able to see the final leaderboard with the top 5 entrees and the top 5 stocks with the most growth.

We wish you the best of luck,

Your Business Editor – Harrison Zuritsky

  1. Pick 3 stocks and fill out the form here.
  2. Each student will email their stock choices with the stock name and abbreviated name and why you chose the stocks in a few sentences.
  3. Every week the top 5 stocks will be published in an article on The Harriton Banner’s website here.

On June 11th, the changes in percentage are averaged to find the winners (top 5 entries).

This article was updated on May 10, 2021, from the original article published on April 20, 2021.