Dr. Harriton 2021: Interview With Evan & Alec


The entertaining performance, including a show-stopping intro dance and plenty of unique talents, has returned. Mark your calendar for May 21st, when Dr. Harriton will be aired and viewed by students, teachers, parents, and friends. For those who are new to the event, eight contestants compete for the title of “Dr. Harriton” with the ultimate goal of raising money for charity and bringing out school spirit. Two of the eight contestants this year are Evan Zales ‘21 and Alec Raphael ‘21. Both are thrilled to be a part of this spectacular event and had lots to say about the show:

The Harriton Banner: What was your first experience with Dr. Harriton?

Evan Zales: My experience with Dr. Harriton was actually back when I was a student at Welsh Valley. My mom and I decided to go see the show for the first time because one of her friend’s sons was in the show. I remember showing up not knowing what I was getting into and leaving thinking it was the most entertaining show in the world.

Alec Raphael: My first experience was watching my older brother’s friends participate in what was Mr. Harrtion at the time. I was in middle school and loved the show so much.

THB: Why did you decide to participate in the event this year?

EZ: I wanted to participate in Dr. Harriton this year because I really have just always wanted to compete in it. Ever since I came to Harriton, I always knew I was going to participate in the show. Getting the opportunity to participate, especially my senior year, just makes it more special.

AR: I’ve always wanted to participate, and it was a good opportunity for me to do something since quarantine started.

THB: How has COVID had an impact on the show? How do you feel about the changes?

EZ: COVID has kind of shaken up the show in every aspect this year. We’ve had to change the show based on the timing and schedule due to COVID restrictions, and we might not be able to perform in front of a crowd, so it’s really shaken up the whole aspect of what we usually expect from Dr. Harriton. And while these changes aren’t ideal, we are going to get through them and put on an amazing show for the people.

AR: COVID had heavily impacted our show. We started much later than all of the previous shows which puts a big strain on us, but we’re managing it well.

THB: Have you had any special experiences while preparing for the show?

EZ: Really just being able to bond with the group of guys and getting to share different experiences has been really special and getting to ultimately put together Dr. Harriton for everyone

AR: Just spending time with all the other contestants.

THB: What about the show are you looking forward to the most?

AR: The intro dance. It’s extremely long and it’s awesome.

EZ: I’m looking forward to putting on the best show possible, whether in person or virtually, for everyone who decides to watch and making it the best Dr. Harriton anyone has seen.

Dr. Harriton, and the 8 contestants participating in it, will bring out school spirit, something we’ve been missing over the past hectic year. Be sure to tune in to Dr. Harriton on May 21 to see more about Evan Zales, Alec Rafael, and the remaining contestants. It will definitely be a show to remember!