Last Two Weeks Of The Stock Picking Challenge

Last Two Weeks Of The Stock Picking Challenge

Harrison Zuritsky, Business Editor

So far our entries have been growing over the last few weeks. Each entry per student Students chose three stocks that they thought would increase the most over the next month. As we go into the last two weeks of the challenge, anything that happens can change the trend of student placements. So far, crypto has been stuck in a dip and can rebound in the next two weeks.

Here are the top 5 largest stock growths so far out of all of the entries:

Stock/Ticker Starting Price 05/19/21 (USD) Current Price  (USD) Percent change (%)
Marathon Oil Company (MRO) 11.61 13.34 15.33%
Tesla (TSLA) 563.46 624.74 11.33%
Cresco (CRLBF) 11.26 12.25 9.08%
New Era Energy (NXE) 4.48 4.93 8.26%
Ethereum (ETH) 2458.54 2591.92 6.54%

We’re excited to see how the last two weeks go down. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Stay tuned and check-in for June 11 when winners will be announced!