Kim Kardashian West Hosts Saturday Night Live


Molly Bluestein, Staff Writer


On October 9th, 2021, Kim Kardashian West hosted the second episode of the 47th season of Saturday Night Live


The first episode of the season was hosted by Owen Wilson, known for his recent performances in Loki and Wonder. Despite his many star roles in popular movies, this was Wilson’s first time hosting SNL. Regardless of his recurrence in front of the camera, he humbly stated, “I get really nervous with public speaking”. 


Kim felt similarly. At first, she was hesitant to host the show as she found performing for an audience mortifying. However, she stepped out of her comfort zone and accepted the offer.


Publicity got off to a bumpy start after some fans said they were going to boycott the episode, believing that Kim’s role should be filled by an actor or comedian. However, some would later state she rose to the occasion and pulled it off.


She started off the episode with a few jokes about her family, her ex-husband, Kanye West, and how “tonight is just a chill, intimate night for [her]”. The small live audience and SNL fans were a change from her regular 360 million followers, eyeing her every move.  


Kim poked fun at her siblings in a few sketches as well, including one where she played her sister Kourtney as a judge. The sketch was an advertisement for the Hulu show, The People’s Kourt. Halsey took part in the sketch as well, playing Kendall Jenner, who according to Kris, “won’t cause any drama, and it is damaging our brand.”


Halsey was the musical guest, performing for her fifth time on SNL. She sang “I am not a woman I’m a god” and “Darling”. Both songs were from their newest album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, which grew to number one on Billboard’s Alternative Album.


Kris and Khloe made cameos throughout the show, most of the time playing themselves. However, Kris did make an appearance portraying Aidy Bryant, a popular SNL cast member, and some critics are loving the hilarious sketch.


One of the most notable skits from the night, a mock Bachelorette rose ceremony, had several cameos. The stars included John Cena, former Bachelor contestant Tyler Cameron, Amy Schumer, and Jesse Williams. Chris Rock came back to SNL to take part in the sketch as well, after having both hosted and been a cast member of the show.


Next week’s episode will be hosted by actor Rami Malek, who recently won an Oscar for his role as Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. Will he sing some Queen songs throughout the show? We will have to wait and see.