End-of-Fall Activities


Photo Credit: Unsplash.com


While the world around us slowly fills with shades of brown, a drastic drop in temperature, and fall fashion in every corner, we cannot simply sit back and wait. This season is far too powerful to let it slip by, disregarding all the fall activities. Yes, we still have time until fall is over – nearly two months, in fact. But the clock is ticking, and before you know it, winter will creep up, and the season of comfort will be gone.

If you are unsure where to go or what to choose, this article is a place to start. Look through these ideas, and pick your fall favorite. 


  • Linvilla Orchards

While Linvilla Orchards is open year-round, the fall months are filled with a multitude of seasonal favorites. Containing 20 acres of beautiful orchards, Linvilla offers apple picking, which is definitely seen as a must-try. Visitors can pick from a variety of 25 apple types, including Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and more. However, the excitement does not stop at apple-picking; other activities include a corn maze, hayrides, Pumpkin Land, and more!


  • Try Fall-themed Foods  

From pumpkin spice to apple cider, fall flavors are unquestionably the most-loved, and rightfully so. There are two ways to get a taste for yourself: buy some goodies from a nearby shop or bake your own treat. Some of my personal favorite fall desserts include the pumpkin loaf and pumpkin spice frappuccino from Starbucks, along with the pumpkin spice ice cream from Village Treats in Narberth. However, nothing can top the smell of freshly baked pumpkin bread coming from your very own oven or the taste of mouthwatering homemade apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, slowly melting overtop. Whether you choose to buy or bake a treat, fall-themed foods are always comforting.


  • Spend Time Outside  

As simple as it sounds, going outside is a fall-must. The weather is (usually) perfect, the colorful trees are a sight to see, and spending time outside puts almost anyone in a better mood. As a high school student, I understand that many of you do not have the time to do this. Luckily, it is easy to implement outside time into your day. Try doing your homework outside, reading a book outside, or even eating dinner outside. The sunlight and overall weather will undoubtedly cheer you up.


  • Stock Up on Fall Fashion

Both comfy and stylish, fall fashion is by far the best form of style throughout the year. Be creative with what is already in your closet! Try pairing together warm sweaters with a pair of jeans or a comfy cardigan with any pair of pants.


  • Paint Pumpkins

For the creative and artistic readers here, painting pumpkins is a quintessential fall activity. Some painting inspiration includes cute or scary faces, a fun design such as polka dots or stripes, or a character from a movie. If you are up for a challenge, try carving the pumpkin. While this seems close to impossible to me, if you have the right tools and do some research beforehand, you might create an impressive-looking pumpkin – or a disastrous one. Either way, you will be guaranteed to have a good time.


Fall activities are limitless. From food to fashion to nearby events, anyone can find their ideal way to spend the season. Enjoy fall 2021!