Recently Bought a New Laptop From the Apple Store?

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Apple recently released a new MacBook Pro 14” and 16” starting at $1999. The announcement came on October 18th at the Apple “Unleashed” Event.

The new laptop features a Mini-LED screen, with a black keyboard and no touch bar. The internal hardware is maxed out with M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. The M1 Max features a 10-core CPU (central processing unit) and up to 32-core GPU (graphic processing unit). This new laptop is powerful, containing functions superior to previous models.

All of these features are crucial in making an efficient computer, yet none compare to the return of the side ports. There is no need for dongles or any extra money spent on adapting headphones or flash drives to your laptop. The new MacBook Pro includes three Thunderbolt 4 ports, an SDXC port, an HDMI port, a headphone jack, and a MagSafe 3 port. The MagSafe was previously featured in the 2017 MacBook Air. 

Another notable new feature is the charger, which sticks onto the computer using magnets, so if you happen to trip over the cord, your laptop does not get launched – it simply falls off. Apple also decided to take away the chargers for iPhone boxes calling it, “…a change that will reduce carbon emissions.” Apple’s rationale can be understood to an extent. 

Although the iPhone charges with the ordinary USB plug that fits into the customer’s charging block, Apple switched this plug in for the block that has a USB–C. What does this mean for Apple customers? The cord included with your purchase does not work with charging blocks that one might have from previous devices so the customer has to pay for a new block, causing an additional charge. Many argue that Apple could have made the iPhone charge with USB-C, which is what iPad and MacBook consumers use to charge their devices, allowing for consumers to only need one type of charger. Instead, Apple sticks with the lightning and is now moving back to MagSafe charger for their MacBooks. This means that Apple consumers need to carry different chargers for all of their devices rather than having one universal solution. This change enforces the need to pay for and keep track of these different chargers which is stressful, expensive, and overall, unnecessary,

These factors and features of the laptop outrage may have an impact on Apple itself, as they still deal with skepticism after the update-sabotage controversy – when Apple would release updates to older devices that would slow the devices both in processing and battery life. This would allow Apple to sell its new products to people who wanted to stick with devices for long periods rather than trading in for a new device.

One might expect all of this controversy to take a toll on Apple, yet they are still the largest company in the world, sitting on $2.43 billion. The chance of Apple being harmed severely is very low yet with these continuous faults, it is a definite possibility. 

Investors of Apple should constantly keep up with Apple’s latest releases but should not be worried about Apple’s faults. They are ahead of competitors and consumers tend to stick with the company even though its products tend to be pricier compared to rivals. Apple will continue to power ahead in its industry no matter how big the mistakes are so have no fear if you are interested in investing.