Since 1965, when Frank Herbert released his book Dune, the award-winning interstellar epic, it has had a prominent place in Hollywood. Turned into comics, graphic novels, and a miniseries, Dune was first adapted into a film in 1984. Listed as the worst film of the year, it was a complete flop. However, the same cannot be said of the 2021 Dune, directed by critically acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Dennis Villanueve. 


Released October 22nd, Dune was an immediate box office success. It has already been confirmed for a sequel, much to the surprise and delight of fans. 


Set twenty thousand years into the future, society has evolved with great technological advancements. There are multiple planets, each controlled by different Houses on the behalf of an emperor. 


Dune follows House Atreides, whose patriarch Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac) is assigned authority over Arrakis, a scorching desert planet. Arrakis yields great amounts of spice, a drug that prolongs life and is critical for interstellar travel. Because of the spice’s extraordinary powers, Arrakis is a highly coveted planet.


Once Leto, his concubine Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), and their son Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) arrive on Arrakis, they are surrounded by constant danger. As they are faced with giant sandworms that unexpectedly swallow people whole, the toxic desert air, and assassination attempts, it is a stark change from their former lives.


House Atreides dreams of bringing Arrakis to glory and providing a better future for the people. Unfortunately, not long after their arrival, House Harkonnen, a rival family known for their brutality and inhumane nature, stage a coup. Duke Leto is killed, but Paul and his mother manage to escape. They reach the deep desert and are taken in by a group of people called the Fremen. Among them is a girl named Chani (Zendaya), who had previously appeared in Paul’s visions. Rather than fleeing with his mother, Paul decides to stay and retake the planet from the tyrannical Harkonnens. 


Dune is a brilliant and immersive film, transporting the viewer into the alien world of Arrakis, action-packed fights, and political scheming through its haunting, yet beautiful shots. Besides the enchanting visuals, the soundtrack by the talented Hans Zimmer received great praise. Playing in theaters now and on HBO Max, Dune is the perfect escape into an epic and arduous interstellar power struggle. 

With the sequel already in the works, fans are speculating how Dennis Villanueve will play out the rest of Paul’s story. Will he prove victorious against the Harkonnens? How will he and Chani’s story unfold? And who will be taking on the roles of some of the Dune universe’s most notable characters? We shall have to wait and see…