Microsoft: The World’s Most Valued Company



On Friday November 5th, Microsoft became the most valued company in the world with a market cap of nearly 2.49 trillion at market close, surpassing Apple at $2.46 trillion.


Microsoft closed in the first quarter at $2 trillion this year and released a significant Windows update for the first time in five years. They beat expectations in the first quarter of this year, climbing 42% since last year. While Apple was doing well with iPhone sales up 47% since last year, they did not meet expectations. This caused a drop from early September to now, dropping by 4.4%.


Apple is struggling due to supply chain issues. According to CNBC, “the revenue loss has reached $6 billion” and they expect even more loss due to these issues. Apple is struggling to meet demand and is paying the price, literally.


Despite the differences, Apple has risen nearly 15% since last year and Microsoft has risen by 42%. Both companies are good companies to invest in for conservative (long term) investors.