30 is the new 25


Lucy Klein, Arts and Entertainment Editor


With a new era of her life, but the same emotion and vulnerability in her songs, Adele has risen again and created her newest and most desired album yet. With ‘25’ being her most recent release prior to 2021, the fans have been waiting almost 6 years. On ABC’s special, “Adele: One Night Only,” she speaks to her album ‘30’ and its meaning, while performing both new releases and old favorite classics.


During her time on this special, Adele’s deeper meaning for the album is shown in an interview with Oprah. Famous for handling many scandals, Oprah sheds light on Adele’s genuineness and excitement. They talk and laugh about all things from weight loss to marriage to divorce and the thrilling opportunities the future holds.


When asked “Is this the divorce album?” Adele maturely states that she is in a way divorcing herself. With her own childhood consisting of two homes, she reminisces on the promise she made to herself in which she would never bring that instability into her own child’s life. The divorce from her husband may have set her free, but her promise was broken and she is still recovering from the fact.


Differently to her other albums, she wrote the songs on ‘30’ as she was experiencing them, with raw emotion and timely presence a huge factor. Part of this writing journey can be seen in her stance on having a no shuffle option. She wants her music to tell a story; the same story she intended when writing and pouring her heart into them. Spotify seemed happy to comply with this request. 


The focus of this album is the healing process in which Adele travels during the divorce from her ex husband, Simon Konecki. Referring to Konecki during her interview with Oprah, she states how he was an angel in her life, someone she still completely trusts. 


In addition to an ode to both her husband and her son, she comments on how she has never felt so healthy in her life, both mentally and physically. With weight becoming a heated topic of discussion surrounding Adele, Oprah touches on the significant weight loss journey that Adele has taken. Adele’s response to this question is much like the genuine, body positive woman that the public has come to know and love: “I’m not shocked or even fazed by it, because my body has been objectified my entire career.” She follows this with a sort of casual demeanor stating “I’m either hot or I’m either not, whatever.”


This shining star of an artist performed at The Griffin Observatory in LA, with an audience consisting of chef Gordon Ramsey, comedian Ellen Degeneres, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and with a front row seat, beaming with pride over her friend’s return, Lizzo. 


Her performance was accompanied by a surprise engagement, where one invited stranger brought his girlfriend of 7 years, got down on one knee, and proposed in front of the entire live audience audience. Thankfully she said yes.


Adele’s followers stay supportive, as her debut single for ‘30’, “Easy on Me” reaches #1 on Apple Music’s Top 100 and #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her comeback to the stage has been nothing but honest lyrics and top selling records. It took her six years, but here she is — and I’m guessing she’s here to stay.