All Too Well


Creator: ANGELA WEISS | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Molly Bluestein, Staff Writer


Since 2006, Taylor Swift has been a household name in the country and pop industry. Fans love to listen to her catchy songs and speculate the potential subjects of the music. Her music has evolved over the years, but when she made Red (Taylor’s Version), re-recording old songs from her original album Red with some added twists, people were delighted to hear their favorite songs all over again. The album took the Billboard 100 number-one spot, marking Swift’s tenth album to hit number one


After leaving Universal Music Group and Big Machine Records, Swift wanted to have complete rights to her music. Hence, the albums are remade with the added title, “Taylor’s Version.” She started off with Fearless (Taylor’s Version), which came out on April 9th, 2021. With the amount of success the album received, fans could only predict that the next album would do even better.


One song from Red (Taylor’s Version) that came into the public eye is “All Too Well.” For this song, Swift went a step further, to a place we have never seen her go before. Not only did she make the song ten minutes long, her longest song ever released, but she also turned it into a fifteen minute short film. Fans were thrilled to watch, and many would say Swift greatly delivered.  


As with most of her songs, “All Too Well” is based on a past romance for Taylor. Many believe it’s muse is Jake Gyllenhaal, famous for his starring roles in countless movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home and Brokeback Mountain. The line in the song “It’s supposed to be fun turning twenty one” directly correlates to Taylor’s 20 years of age when she was dating Gyllenhaal. As a result, fans immediately turned to The Guilty star with a few things to say.


Another reason Gyllenhaal is believed to be the subject of the song is a correlation with their nine year age gap. It cannot be a coincidence that the main characters of the film are played by Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink and actor Dylan O’ Brien, who are 11 years apart in age. The detail in the movie with an obvious age gap must have been hinting towards a certain someone in her past.


Speaking of the age gap between O’ Brien and Sink, fans were not happy when they learned the two would be in some PG-13 scenes together. With Sadie Sink only being 19 years old, she was a newly adult when she co starred with 30 year old Dylan O’Brien. It was difficult for many fans to watch these scenes, so some of the film may have been skipped through.


“All Too Well” goes through stages of a relationship, bliss, fighting, heartbreak, and finally moving on, with little snippets of easter eggs relating to Swift’s previous work. For example, one shot shows the camera pointed directly up towards the sky, alluding to a very similar shot from her music video for “Out of the Woods.” Furthermore, the card game scene is shot from the same angle in the “White Horse” music video.

Swift continues to amaze us with her music and creative productions, and fans are overjoyed to listen. As for what’s next, we will likely see more re-recorded albums in the future. Fans will soon see Speak Now, Taylor Swift, and 1989 in Taylor’s Version on their new playlists.