Crumbl Cookies Takes On the Main Line


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Shireen Zada, Staff Writer


After creating the perfect cookie recipe, Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley opened the first Crumbl Cookies store in Logan, Utah in 2017. What started out as a small-town cookie shop quickly turned into a nationwide sensation, turning these co-founding cousins into cookie tycoons. Nowadays, it is hard not to have heard of Crumbl, as its charming cookies have attracted popularity across social media. In just three years, Crumbl Cookies has expanded to 36 states nationwide, opening bakeries in over 300 cities. 


Earlier this month, Crumbl Cookies opened up a store at the Wynnewood Shopping Center. The first two opening days received a lot of publicity, with many people coming to meet 76’ers player, Tobias Harris, who is the brand ambassador of the shop. As an employee there, I have gotten to experience all of the excitement that Crumbl has sparked within the neighborhood over the past few weeks. Months ago, what was just a rumor of a new store has become a go-to for cookie lovers and local teens in search of a job, as well as a relief for moms who previously had to drive their kids all the way to Jenkintown for cookies. 


But what makes Crumbl so special? Well, Crumbl Cookies makes over 120 different flavors of cookies and has a menu which rotates weekly. Since opening day, all of the cookies have been in high demand, though last week’s customer favorite was Cinnamon Swirl. And, apart from the delicious cookies, Crumbl’s marketing tactics and aesthetics help the franchise thrive. Introducing a new cookie menu every week leaves customers in anticipation; it is a fun surprise each Sunday when the new flavors are announced online. Every Crumbl shop has a cute, modern interior, incorporating light pinks in contrast with black. The cookies are creative and intricately decorated, served in pastel pink boxes with minimalistic designs. 


The Main Line is very lucky to have this new cookie hotspot. As a cookie lover, not just an employee, I strongly recommend stopping by the shop if you have not already, especially if you are craving a sweet treat during these chilly winter months.