Crave-worthy Cava’s Credit-Card Chaos



Cava, a casual Mediterranean grab-and-go restaurant, certainly did not disappoint. As a relatively new addition to Suburban Square, the obsession with their fresh, unique combinations is still running wild. For those who have not yet caught up with the obsession and are looking for a healthier option in the sea of not-so-healthy locations in Suburban Square, Cava is the place to go. 


With a more simplistic design from the outside, Cava appears to be like any other ordinary restaurant. However, after walking through the doors, the smell of freshly grilled chicken, hummus, and other mediterranean-style foods wafts through the air. 


The process is slightly different from other Suburban Square restaurants, resembling the structure of Chipotle, which also happens to be a short drive away. Within Cava, a line of endless, tasty options is featured. While this may seem intimidating to first-timers, the setup is simple: you start with a base, add a dip, a protein, some toppings, and a flavorful sauce. A few favorites include their grilled chicken, which is perfectly seasoned, and the tomato-cucumber salad, a nice pop of flavor to any pita or bowl. Not to mention, their pita is warm and fluffy, a perfect holder for any one of Cava’s almost unlimited toppings. 


Another incredible feature of Cava is its versatility. While one of our food editors ordered a delicious bowl of rice with chicken, flavorful sauces, and a few colorful toppings, another food editor ordered something entirely different – a vegetarian salad with delicious toppings and a side of warm pita. The meal can also be served inside pita or with a mix of greens and grains; the possibilities are truly endless. For those who enjoy eating outside with a view of Suburban Square, the restaurant includes a comfortable outdoor-sitting area – perfect for good weather and a tasty bowl from Cava.


Sadly, their payment policy did not match their wonderful flavors and seating… they are completely cashless. This was another restaurant shock for our food editors; we arrived at Cava with only one of us possessing a credit card. Luckily there was a simple enough solution so that we could both get lunch, but this could be tricky when shopping alone. It was certainly unexpected, but for those reading this, hopefully you do not follow the same mistakes that we made.


The absolutely delicious combination of protein with fresh spreads and vegetables, drizzled with an incredibly-tasting sauce is worth the hype, just not the credit-card debacle. 


We’ll see you for Restaurants of Suburban Square: Part 5!