Dan Dan: A Smashing Success and Suburban Square’s New Star


Jenna Ledley, Features Editors


Walking into Dan Dan for the first time was like a breath of fresh air. With beautiful decor ranging from hanging glass lights and blooming plants to an entire little room created from three glass walls and skylights, the restaurant feels open and airy, while also homey and comfortable. The staff was incredibly friendly and sweet, and the atmosphere created was very different from Suburban Square’s usual grab-and-go style restaurants. 


Going in, we did have a few concerns, such as spice levels and lack of vegetarian options, however, a gigantic menu soon dissipated our worries. The menu includes options for everyone: vegetarians, picky eaters, and more. We were even able to ask for some of our dishes to have a more mild spice level!


We started with an appetizer of wonton soup, which set the mood for a delicious meal, perfect for the wintery weather. The bowl of soup is perfect for sharing with many people, and the wontons have paper-thin noodle shells and delicious filling.


Our next choice, chicken potstickers, was another instant favorite. The small dumplings were cooked to perfection and served toasty hot. Paired with a tangy sauce, these were truly the perfect beginning to our meal. 


The next dish which arrived was the main attraction, the famous Dan Dan noodles. We excitedly dug into the giant bowl, (another perfect dish to share), which was absolutely delicious. The incredibly soft texture and flavor of the noodles made this dish the instant highlight of the meal. We chose the pressed tofu noodles, a vegetarian option, and found them, and the tofu, very yummy. 


The other entree we chose was a garlic chicken dish, which arrived with a beautiful presentation in a bowl over a flame, along with a bowl of white rice. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the sauce went nicely with the fluffy rice. It did take us a moment, and a big mouthful, to realize that entire cloves of garlic were mixed in with the chicken. However, this dish combined with the noodles, soup, and potstickers to make one of the most amazing meals either of us had ever had. 


With the only unsatisfactory part of the entire experience being the expensive price of the meal, eating at Dan Dan was an exceptional experience, leaving us in awe and already excited to return again! We highly recommend this amazing new addition to Suburban Square, which has become our new personal favorite of the many restaurants nearby.


We’ll see you for Restaurants of Suburban Square: Part 3 and 4!