Shake Shack: Fan Favorite or Far Too Familiar?

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For all of those picky eaters out there, Shake Shack is often a fan favorite. With delicious fries, burgers, and more, it’s easy to play it safe and familiar. However, with the next closest Shake Shack in King of Prussia, this new addition to our local restaurants tends to be extremely busy, leading to highly overextended staff. Because of this, a slight mishap occurred on one of our visits. 


We were sitting down to a casual lunch at Shake Shack and taking big bites of our lunches when we both noticed something strange. One of us food editors had received a very dry burger (blech) and the other discovered her desired plain chicken sandwich had been drenched in ridiculously spicy Korean barbeque sauce. It was quite a shock to picky taste buds. And, unfortunately, this wasn’t a stand-alone event. On other occasions, pick-up orders from Shake Shack have ended in disaster with entire meals missing from the bags, leading to much disappointment. 


But despite these confusions, Shake Shack tends to serve as a reliable restaurant in other ways. The food is familiar and the same almost every time, and the consistency of flavor is something that many count and depend on.


We recommend the delicious and perfectly fried chicken sandwich, or the unbeatable burger. It’s always important to get a side of fries, and our food editors recommend getting a side of “Shack sauce,” to go along with these delicious treats. 


But maybe it’s time to change things up. With new restaurants like Dan Dan and Cava joining the ranks of Suburban Square options, there are so many new foods to try and discover. And while some details about Shake Shack are too amazing to turn down: low prices, tasty food, and the perfect options for either a quick meal or snack, it’s important to branch out from time to time. Our advice: try new things while also continuing to enjoy Shake Shack, and always check that you got the right order before you dig in!