Kung Fu Tea: Worth the Steps and the Calories



The two-minute-walk away from most shops and restaurants in Suburban Square is undoubtedly worth it to arrive at Kung Fu Tea. While bubble tea is not for everyone, as the almost slimy texture of tapioca pearls is very unique, it is definitely worth a try no matter how picky you are. 


However, there is one challenge to the overall exceptional experience: deciding what to try first. The moment you enter the shop, a menu of nearly a hundred bubble tea variations catches the eye. Every part of the delectable drink is customizable, from the tea style to the toppings. For first-timers, our food editors would recommend trying a preselected option, such as the honey milk tea with boba, a delicious classic, or the mango slush with boba, a fun twist on the traditional bubble tea. 


Kung Fu Tea even facilitates the needs of those who (somehow) do not like boba pearls; each drink is available without boba, which could also be replaced with popping bubbles in exciting flavors including mango. Aside from the array of delicious drinks, there is also a menu of different food options. The staff is kind and the atmosphere welcoming. Even the walk is enjoyable with a nice cup of bubble tea to sip as you head back to the center of Suburban!


Whether you choose Kilwin’s or Kung Fu Tea, you are sure to enjoy a delicious treat! For sweets and a candy-shop feel, definitely try out Kilwin’s, or at least stop and enjoy the creation of the sweets displayed in the window. If you are searching for a snack that is a little healthier and you want to get in a few more steps, try out Kung Fu Tea. Whatever you decide, you really cannot go wrong with these two Suburban Square favorites! 


Thanks for tagging along with us for this Suburban Square restaurant series. We will see you soon for another food review!