The Farmer’s Market: Fresh, Fun, and Good for Everyone

Jenna Ledley, Features Editor


The Farmer’s Market is more than just a store – it is a community where different food types and styles come together in one little market, where everyone, no matter how picky, can find a dish that they love. Perfect for a weekend lunch or a grocery shopping trip, the Farmer’s Market offers everything and anything your heart desires. Join us for a walk-through!


First, located right by the front door and a cute little seating area, Sushi Sei offers fresh sushi, and, an inside secret, the best chicken curry you’ll ever have! Served steaming hot on a bed of white rice, this dish makes for an amazing meal.


Next, Di. Bruno Bro’s is so popular that it has taken over a majority of the little stalls in the market. Let’s start off with the newest addition, the coffee counter, which offers warm drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, as well as fresh baked goods such as bagels, loaves, and more.


Across the narrow aisle is Di. Bruno Bro’s gourmet cheese stall offers a wide variety of cheese from all around the world. It’s fun to try little slivers of different cheeses when choosing out a chunk for dinner, and there are dozens of options, whether you prefer a softer, more creamy cheese or a hard cheese.


To the left of the market is a haven of Di. Bruno Bro’s stalls and goods. An alcove of stocked shelves offers fancy chocolates, crackers, and other packaged goods, and stands next to the cooked food counter. Here you can find entire pre-made meals for busy weekday nights, from entrees like chicken or pasta to sides including roasted vegetables or potatoes.


Farther up the aisle, Di. Bruno Bro’s sells refrigerated grocery goods including packaged pasta sauces (which we highly recommend) and different types of smoked salmon. It is fun to watch Di. Bruno Bro’s employees slice off thin strips of lox, perfect for a weekend brunch. On the other side of the stall, room temperature packaged grocery goods can be found, including rolls of fresh bread, homemade pasta, fruit, chips, and more.


Our favorite and most highly recommended Di. Bruno Bro’s stall is the sandwich counter, located past the refrigerated goods section. Here, you can order a sandwich from the menu or make your own, with choices of cold cuts, fresh rolls of bread, and more. The sandwiches come out quickly and are boxed nicely for a picnic or grab-and-go lunch. Di. Bruno Bro’s truly has it all.


Next comes Ardmore Produce, a large stand overflowing with every vegetable and fruit imaginable, as well as a very delicious smoothie stand that offers drinks made from these fresh ingredients.


Across the way, Tabouli serves homemade Levant (Mediterranean) foods from different dips to stuffed vegetables and more. Our recommendation from this counter is the delicious barekas, which are flaky pastries stuffed with mushrooms or potatoes.


Another multi-stall store in the Farmer’s Market is Stoltzfus Family Foods, which includes a meat shop (where you can get great supplies for meals at home), a pre-cooked food counter, and an amazing bakery stall. This gorgeous counter is fully stocked with decorated cakes, different flavored donuts, packages of homemade cookies, boxes upon boxes of different candies, and the best soft pretzels around! We highly recommend their warm cinnamon sugar pretzels, which are perfect for a cold day!


Aziatisch can be found across from Stoltzfus and offers a wide variety of Asian dishes ranging from dumplings, summer rolls, Thai noodles, rice dishes, salads, and more. They also carry a variety of Asian grocery products!


The last place in the Farmer’s Market is the Ultimate Bake Shoppe, where you can find an incredible array of different cookies, muffins, scones, pies, and beautifully decorated cakes and mini cakes for any event! Our favorite picks from this counter include the deliciously crunchy and yet somehow soft chocolate chip cookies, the truly gigantic M&M cookies, and the Mom’s Chocolate Cake or Cupcakes for any special events. With moist chocolate cake paired with not-overly-sweet vanilla frosting, Mom’s Chocolate Cakes have been a staple in our houses for years.


Despite the amazing selection, the Farmer’s Market does have some cons, including high prices and often crowded spaces. The aisles between the popular stalls are usually jam-packed, even during COVID, and it is important to be careful and vigilant about social distancing while shopping. However, the Farmer’s Market is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind shop with more options than any place around! We’ll see you for Restaurants of Suburban Square: Part 6.