Stock Picking Competition Results



Hello Harriton!


After receiving 47 entries and 78 different stocks, the Harriton Banner Business Section is proud to announce the winner of the Spring 2022 Stock Picking Challenge…


Congratulations to Eli Feldman for winning the challenge with stocks in Tesla, GameStop, and AMC, which altogether netted a gain of 43.78% !


Here are the top five entries:


Rank: Name: Stock Ticker #1 Stock Ticker #2 Stock Ticker #3 Final Percentage:
#1 Eli Feldman TSLA GME AMC +43.78
#2 Avi Ragozzino VOO SPY TLRY +17.83
#3 Jai Meshiya TSLA WMT AMZN +14.82
#4 Mark Taylor TSLA LYFT AAL +13.02
#5 Miles McNeary AMZN TSLA NKE +12.96


Thank you to everyone who entered! We look forward to seeing you next year for our next stock picking competition.


– Harrison Zuritsky and Ray Ma