Starting the Year with Mindfulness

Part 1 of 9


A note from the writer: Throughout the year, we will be publishing monthly articles discussing mindfulness strategies and helpful tips to make senior year fun, productive, and memorable. Additionally, at the end of each article, there will be a teacher or faculty member interview. The interviews will provide advice and a reflection on the last four years with a mix of pop culture and science, of course. Enjoy this year, and hopefully, this series will assist you in making your senior year as memorable as possible. Good luck everyone! 


The very first day of senior year symbolizes the final first day of school and kicks off the last year of high school before college. Historically, this year has been associated with stressful college applications and contagious senioritis. However, there has not been as much emphasis on learning how to maintain your sense of self and identity.


Mindfulness is a strategy that allows students to balance their lives, both managing the abundant workload and remaining true to themselves. It can also help a person focus on the values that are the most important to them. Senior year is filled with big decisions, pressure from parents, and at times, unhealthy social comparisons. Although comparing yourself to those around you is tempting, it is extremely taxing and frustrating; mindfulness is an easy way for you to refocus your thought process in the midst of the chaos surrounding you. 


In addition to practicing mindfulness, taking the time to have fun as a senior is a very beneficial way to live in the moment. Senior year has been at the top of our minds since we were freshmen, and now we can enjoy life having reached the peak of our high school career.


It has been scientifically proven by The Mayo Clinic that outlets for stress are important and allow a person to laugh, connect, and interact with those around them. Laughing with your friends and living in the moment allow you to take your mind off stress. The expectations from our parents, teachers, and each other can interfere with our enjoyment during senior year. 


There are so many opportunities to enjoy this year. We will continue to learn strategies that will enable us to manage school, college acceptances, and make memories. Routine and structure are easy ways to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is an area of science that we can access throughout our entire lives. Use this year to practice mindfulness, set goals, connect with others, and start the year on the right note. Take this time to develop methods that are consistent and allow you to feel organized and confident. Before anything else, have fun, live in the moment, and enjoy your senior year. 


Words to The Class of 2023: An Interview Series with Teachers and Staff 


Teacher Interview 

Teacher: Mr. Imaizumi 


Which class(es) do you teach? 

This year it’s Physics H and AP Electricity and Magnetism. 


How many years have you taught or worked at Harriton?

10 Years


What were the best and worst parts of teaching the Class of 2023? 

Best parts were seeing students successfully persist through a historically spectacularly stressful year- it was amazing to see people giving it an honest try to put one foot forward every day. But in the end, people began to realize what were the most important aspects of their lives. That was also the worst part because everyone was so stressed- faculty, admin, students, parents, me…but people became stronger as a result. 


Do you have any specific memories of the Class of 2023? Classes, projects, 

conversations, or anything else that stands out to you when thinking about the seniors? 

I remember on our outside restorative walks in physics classes, learning all the ways that then-juniors were coping with getting their lives back to normal. It was rewarding to connect with everyone on that level. Everyone was generally trying to do their best, and trying to enact self-love and to have the right attitude. 

The Class of 2023 is preparing to embark on the next steps of their journeys, what advice do you have for them? 

Modern life gives us comforts, sometimes too much for our own good. Modern life tends to hide things that make us truly happy…. Know how to take care of yourself, know how to let go of ego. Know how to be still. More green time, less screen time. Know that life can be really hard and full of pain on occasion- and that’s ok, it’s normal, and we can only pretend to always be avoiding that. It’s how we grow and learn. Be honest with yourself. And finally, know your privilege! 


Is there any advice you wish you had received prior to starting college? 

Prior to my starting college? Buy apple stock! More relevant to 2023 though…enough with being insecure- those are just stories you tell yourself! Be your truest self. 


Given the current top song hits, which song reminds you most of the graduating class?  

Impossible for me to say with current top song hits… but if I were to say past song hits, I’d say Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.