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Fall Film Favorites


It is that time of the year when the fresh, hazel leaves oscillate in the autumn breeze, the essence of spice season warms our thermos, and a brittle chill keeps us cool…it’s fall! While many consider fall the best of the four seasons for its cozy clothes, comfortable weather, and affectionate ambience, others find it challenging to connect with the autumn feeling. Fortunately for them, fall has many festive films to get you in the spirit of the season.

The shift from the hot, sunny summer to cooler weather can pose a challenge for students transitioning into the school year. Thankfully, there are many fall productions to help start the academic season on a positive note. The 2006 classic, She’s the Man, follows high schoolers Viola Hasting and Duke Orsino’s as they enter a new school year. Amanda Bynes, starring as Viola, along with Channing Tatum playing Duke, demonstrate the significance of fall sports and academics. 

Another fall inspired film worth mentioning is Friday Night Lights. Similar to Harriton’s own football team, Friday Night Lights captures the enchanting and drama-filled lives of a high school football team. With characters who will impact you and a storyline that will tug at your heart, watching this film is an ideal way to start glamorizing Friday nights under the lights and showing support for our very own football team. 

Whether there is love or a chill in the air, fall productions offer a desirable selection of romance movies. The exemplary film When Harry Met Sally puts many viewers in the autumn mood. Centered around Sally Albright, played by Meg Ryan, and Harry Burns, played by Billy Crystal, the film brings out the quintessential fall feels. Sally Albright has many chic outfits which are perfectly fitting for the chilly weather while the love story between Harry and Sally is heartwarming and sentimental.

Although we typically associate fall with the colors brown and orange, it is time to think pink! The iconic Elle Woods illustrates the beauty of autumn while moving towards her goal of attending Harvard Law School. Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon as Elle, depicts an alluring transition from summer break in sunny California to the beginning of the school year in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The presence of wool jackets and falling leaves adds a delightful East Coast fall touch to this romantic comedy.

Stepping away from Autumn’s blowing leaves and pleasant trees into eerie nights and many frights, Halloween-themed films are timeless. The fantasy-horror film Coraline does a fantastic job of capturing the ominous and sinister feeling synonymous with Halloween. The main character, Coraline, voiced by Dakota Fanning, faces alternate worlds and button-eyed doppelgangers making this the perfect, sinister Halloween film.

Hubie Halloween is another Halloween film ​​that immerses viewers in a ghostly mood. Starring Adam Sandler, Peyton List, Noah Schnapp, Ben Stiller, and many more engaging actors and actresses, the comedic mystery has a phenomenal cast. It follows a dorky delicatessen employee (Sandler) who has to save his Halloween-loving town from a villain. Whether you enjoy a good laugh or scare, Hubie Halloween is a fall film for you.

Moving away from more recent films, the Charlie Brown series of old-school animated movies ranges from a fun spooky Halloween to a heartfelt Thanksgiving. The timeless tradition of watching them every year proves how classic the films are. The multiple stories following Charlie Brown and his collection of friends, has many generations of watchers. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving result in gratifying memories for watchers of all ages.


Whether you prefer thrillers, horror movies, or comedies, you will find a fall film for your liking. So, it’s time to put on your cozy pajamas, grab a mug of hot chocolate, get in front of the fireplace, and watch one or more of these fall classics.

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Lily Kades
Lily Kades, Staff Writer
Lily Kades is a freshman at Harriton, who is excited to start her first year with the Banner. She hopes to experience writing in different styles and to have more experience as a writer. Outside of the banner, she is a part of student council, Simon’s Heart, World Language Club, and The Jewish Student Union. Another activity she likes to do is play lacrosse. She enjoys journaling and writing about trending topics.

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