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Harder in the Paint: Social Networking

Lexi Harder, Staff Writer

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Having reviewed the internet, it is time for me to address the single most important aspect of this enormous reference center—communicating with friends. Skype, Facebook, Email, Instant Messaging, Twitter… the list grows by the day, by the hour. With so many methods of social networking at our fingertips, you can reach your friends and they can reach you in an instant. No one is safe. Which is why it is so important to realize the benefits of being “invisible”.

Say what? Yes, invisible. You know the drill. But have you realized the full potential of this beauteous tool? It’s not just for avoiding awkward conversations with ex-boyfriends, it can be utilized in such a way to facilitate avoiding all people. I myself only go on the available setting on any networking device between the hours of 4:15 and 4:30 pm on alternate Thursdays, just to switch things up a bit. That is how much I like being invisible, and I hope you learn to appreciate it as well.

One of the most obvious reasons for my hidden nature is that it allows one to selectively choose who one deigns to talk to. Gone are the days when you just wanted to ask that one person a question at 10:00 pm and then suddenly seven extraneous people try to talk to you at once (for the sake of this argument, it is assumed that everyone is as popular as me). Now you can talk to one person and one person only. Added bonus: since your friends will know that you are invisible and therefore choose who you want to talk to, they will feel extraspecial when they realize they are a member of the Elite Few.

Conclusion: Being Invisible is the best. 10 / 10 stars.

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Harder in the Paint: Social Networking