The Best Article on the Harriton Banner

While the seniors at Harriton High School have elected their most superlative seniors, we at the Banner have realized that it’s time we gave a few lesser-known people the honor of superlatives.

Prettiest eye: Cyclops

Best wedding planner: George RR Martin

Most likely to walk on the moon: Louie Armstrong

Most repetitive: Daniel Olivieri

Biggest heartthrob: Marilyn Manson

Most likely to be on the Jersey Shore: Joe Biden

Most indecisive: To be announced

Biggest Gossip: Edward Snowden

Best Car: Batman

Biggest bromance: FDR and Winston Churchill

Most repetitive: Daniel Olivieri

Should have been a couple: Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint

Cutest couple: Kanye West and his ego

Most likely to win an Olympic Gold medal: Mr. Klick

Most likely to win an Olympic Silver medal: Usain Bolt

Best hair: Medusa

Most likely to win a senior superlative: Everyone on this list!