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The Baum

January 8, 2010

Lauren Berenbaum Editor-in-Chief I love Community Service. After my amazingly delicious thanksgiving dinner, I found my way slowly waddling to the comfy couch. There, I sat with my family, cousins and all, watching CNN Heroes....

National Novel Writing Month

January 8, 2010

Jackie Milestone News Editor Have you ever wondered how Tolkein, Rowling, or Brontë created the amazing works of literature that they did? Or how any of the great names in writing did it, for that matter? For some, writing...

Harriton’s Going Green

January 8, 2010

Laura Johnston Staff Writer The environment has been the recent topic of conversation: distressing evidence of the effects of global warming have given environmental issues increased popularity. The environment has been a...

The History of American Education Week

January 8, 2010

Samaya Sinha Staff Writer Each year, schools across the nation participate in American Education week. American Education week began with the collaboration of the National Educational Association and the American Legion...

The Herd

January 8, 2010

Adjoa Mante and Jessica Herrmann Staff Writer and Guest Writer If you haven’t yet heard of Harriton’s new school spirit group, “The Herd,” then you must have either been absent from classes or living under a rock....

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