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Science and Technology Clubs

Catherine Valentine

October 13, 2011

Interested in science and/or technology? We have a club for that at Harriton. TSA: Under faculty heads Mr. and Mrs, Ochiogrosso, Ms. Kiley, and Mr. Lehman, students in TSA can “integrate science, technology, engineering and ...

Mice Addicts

Lexi Harder, Staff Writer

October 13, 2011

Every student at Harriton High School is required to take health class as a prerequisite for graduation. As a part of the health curriculum, students cover drug and alcohol abuse and are alerted to the dangers of becoming addicted...

Rise of the Tablets

Nina Spitofsky

October 13, 2011

Apple Inc.’s release of the iPad in April 2010 spurred what has become the age of tablet computers. Tablet computers, devices that enable you to do myriad things including read the newspaper, listen to music, and browse the...

Oklahoma Prison Riot Injures Many

Sam Lincoln, Assistant Working Editor

October 12, 2011

A prison riot broke out last Tuesday at the North Fork Correctional Facility of Sayre, Oklahoma. It is currently unclear what may have caused this riot, which occurred around noon. Over twenty inmates were injured and at least...

Free Yogurt Day at Kiwi

Sam Lincoln, Assistant Working Editor

October 3, 2011

There is definitely no shortage of weigh-and-pay frozen yogurt establishments in Lower Merion Township. At these popular sites it is not uncommon to see fro-yo enthusiasts purchasing over a pound of frozen yogurt with toppings,...

Amazon Hopes Kindle Fire Will Spark Sales

Sam Lincoln, Assistant Working Editor

October 2, 2011

Amazon already has almost 100,000 preorders for its first tablet using the Android operating system, the Kindle Fire, not set to arrive until November 16th. But for each tablet sold, Amazon actually loses money. The Kindle Fire,...

Australian Festival Interrupted by Plane Crash

Sam Lincoln, Assistant Working Editor

October 1, 2011

Every year, a two-day festival complete with amusement park rides, such as a Ferris Wheel, takes place in the town of Old Bar, Australia. On Saturday, October 1, 2011, the festival’s events made a bizarre and briefly terrifying...

RAM Day, College Fair Hit Harriton

Brandon Lapensohn, Assistant Working Editor

September 29, 2011

Last Friday in the Junior-Senior Lounge, Harriton High School hosted its annual RAM Day. During the three lunches, each active club and sports team at Harriton set up a booth to attract new members to join their club or team....

Fiery Protest From Tibetan Monks

Sam Lincoln, Assistant Working Editor

September 26, 2011

The Kirti monastery, located in Sichuan Province, China, has long been intertwined with the Tibetan uprising of spring 2008. Kirti was a center for Tibetan protesters and has been the site of several self-immolations protesting...

Update: Netflix Divides Company

Holden McGinnis, Science/Tech Editor

September 20, 2011

After the rapid drop in their stock, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has announced the split of Netflix into Netflix and Qwikster. The DVD mailing service is now Qwikster, a separate service that now offers video game rentals as well....

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