Ram of the Week: Allegra Greenawalt


Allegra Greenawalt is an acting and singing sensation. Peers recognize Allegra as “incredibly hard-working and dedicated in accomplishing her goals.” Read on to see why we have highlighted this star as Ram of the Week!

Make sure to check out Allegra and the rest of the Harriton Theater cast in these upcoming shows:

“The Comedy of Errors” at Harriton! (Allegra plays Antipholus of Syracuse)

Show dates: November 16th @ 7:00 and November 17th @ 7:00

HB: When did you first start singing and acting in front of an audience?

AG: I started when I was just beginning kindergarten, at the Music Training Center in Ardmore. My first show was The Jungle Book, and I played a tree! (My costume was literally brown khaki pants and a green shirt with leaves.)

HB: What are your hobbies/passions outside of musical theater?

AG: While I spend most of my time doing anything related to musical theater, I also love to write. I really enjoy brainstorming and typing play scripts in my free time. Along with this, I do play some sports (believe it or not), but not very competitively…

HB: What advice would you give someone performing in front of a large audience?

AG: It may seem scary at first, but when you think about it, everyone in that audience is rooting for you. They want you to do well, so keep your head up! And if it helps, try to imagine that you aren’t even there – picture yourself in the comfort of your own home, performing in front of a wall.

HB: What are some challenges that come along with being so involved in HTC and the shows performed each year?

AG: It’s a lot of time commitment, so there are obvious repercussions that come with that. I can’t do many other school clubs, and it’s often hard to find time for schoolwork. On top of that, I also do various other shows outside of school, so sometimes balancing everything becomes too stressful and I have to miss a day of rehearsal (or school) so I can get back on track.

HB: Do you ever get “stage fright” and if so, how do you handle it?

AG: Yes. It often happens when I’m performing in a recital or concert, and not when I’m portraying a character in a show. Something about being onstage by yourself with everyone in the audience judging you as a person is slightly terrifying. I always get nervous before I perform, but I’ve learned to deal with it over the years. I use various strategies to slow my heart rate down and relax, like taking deep breaths over and over. Mindset is super important too. If you think you’re going to do well, then most likely you are. If you think you’re going to screw up, then chances are you will.

HB: What is one of the biggest goals you have set for yourself that you have/hope to have accomplished soon?

AG: Most of my goals are short term, like trying to land a certain part in a show. I would say that one of my long term goals is to get into a college where they have a great musical theater program, but where I can also major in an academic field. Making it as an actor is extremely challenging and competitive nowadays, so I really want to keep my options open.

HB: For those looking to find you in a show, where should they go? (Dates and times for your forthcoming shows)

AG: I’m in two shows that are coming up very soon (See above)!