10 Harriton Students Test Positive for COVID-19 After Superspreader Gathering


Within the last three days, Harriton reported that ten students tested positive for COVID-19.  

On Wednesday, March 17th, the school’s Lead Supervisor of Safety and Health, Terry Quinlan, sent an email confirming that four students had tested positive in a super spreader event last weekend. Attendants of the party “included members of the HHS Crew and Track teams,” causing Harriton to suspend all HHS Crew activities. 

One day later, on March 18th, Quinlan reported that “six more Harriton students tested positive,” but “there is still no evidence of in-school transmission of the virus.” Additional LMSD students have entered quarantined. 

As a result of the cases, Harriton crew has been suspended for the time being, and this shutdown will possibly extend to the track team. 

Harriton sophomore Harrison Zuritsky (and Banner business writer and editor) said, “The sophomores and I have been preparing for spring rowing for over a year, and this really screws up our season. It’s not very pleasing to know that a few kids ruined rowing for the entire team, who have been waiting for what feels like a millennium […] We missed last year, and I am angry that we might miss this year.”

The news of these cases has upset many Harriton students and staff, who have remained socially isolated in the hope of experiencing their last couple of months of the school year in-person. One anonymous freshman commented, “Most of the other freshmen are mad, especially since we are going back to school this week [and want to] return to sports.”

Harriton High School announced its “Spring Pathway Commitment Process” on March 9th, giving all students the optional opportunity to return to the school building on March 22nd. 

Harriton senior Jade Zhu said, “After being out of school for several months I’m worried about the abrupt transition into four days a week with a full classroom of students. Especially with this recent outbreak of COVID cases, I feel nervous returning to school.”

LMSD still plans to reopen school next week, but now, many students who had signed up are hesitant to go back because they fear this jump in Harriton cases might eventually connect to the school.