First Week Of The Stock Picking Challenge

First Week Of The Stock Picking Challenge

Harrison Zuritsky, Business Editor

Last week, we had ten student entries in the Harriton Banner’s first-ever Stock Picking Challenge! Students each chose three stocks that they thought would increase the most over the next month.

Here are the top 5 largest stock growths so far out of all of the entries:


Stock/Ticker Starting Price 05/19/21 (USD) Current Price  (USD) Percent change (%)
Tesla (TSLA) 563.46 580.88 6.19%
McLaren Resources (MCL) .085 0.09 5.88%
Disney (DIS) 169.27 174.87 3.31%
S&P Global (SPGI) 37-.67 382.45 3.18
New Era Energy (NXE) 36941 37968.8 2.78

We’re excited to see what changes in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Stay tuned!